Al ‘Junior’ Malachowski

Inspiration for this article came from our two young granddaughters visiting us during our family’s Thanksgiving get-together toting their puzzles and activity books along, coupled with the fact that I spend way too much time in front of a computer nowadays. Here’s what you get. 

What’s wrong with this picture? The picture above was picked off a recent internet U-Pay auction site as you see it except for the photo-shopped SKYLARK script. The seller correctly advertised the tri-color hub cap inserts as 1953-1956 Buick (non-Skylark) wire wheel inserts because they lacked the SKYLARK script. However, the inserts were incorrectly described as being “restored to like-new condition.” For this exercise, let’s assume that the shades of the red and blue paint are not to be disputed at this time. Given that, how many errors can you spot in the picture without looking at your Skylark? Children and grandchildren are encouraged to help you out should you need assistance and a complimentary gift will be sent out for the first three correct answers that I receive . Actually, one of them is a duplicate birthday present that I received in response to my last Newsletter article (re: chassis frame stencil detail).

Thanks to all and stay tuned for the correct answer and further details on this topic. In the meanwhile, Happy Buick Holidays to you and to all a good night.

TOODLELOO!                                                                                                                                                    12.6.13